M3-HP™ – Water/Glycol Source Heat Pumps (From 1/2 to 30-Tons)

AboveAir’s M3 Heat Pump™ horizontal ceiling and vertical floor mounted water source heat pumps are the space saving environmental control solution to your comfort cooling and heating needs. Available in a wide variety of cooling methods and cabinet configurations & air patterns including a full range of options!


Available from 1/2 to 30 Tons in a wide variety of cabinet configurations including a full range of options, M3 Heat Pump™ are a step above!

  • 1/2 to 30 Tons … Comfort
  • A/C Only & Heat Pumps Systems
  • Variety of Air Pattern Configurations
  • Rotary & Scroll Compressors (Fixed & 2-Speed)
  • ECM Fan Motor Technology
  • Hot Gas Reheat (all sizes!)
  • Hot Water or Steam Heat Coils
  • Free-Cooling Water / Glycol-Side Economizer Coils
  • BACnet BMS Communications
  • Glycol Pump Packages & Drycoolers Available!