RT-OA™ DOAS – Rooftop Outdoor-Air (From 3 to 72-Tons)

AboveAir RT-OA™ Outdoor Air Rooftop Dedicated & High-Percentage Mixed-Air Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) are designed to provide year round treatment of your ventilation requirements. Systems are available from 440 – 18,000 CFM (3-72 Tons) in a variety of de-humidification & heating methods. RT-OA™ systems incorporate energy saving precision control variable speed digital scroll technology along with total energy recovery wheels; modulating hot gas reheat; gas fired, SCR electric, hot water or steam heat options. Space Neutral, Primary Space, VAV, and Single-Zone VAV control options are available!


Wide Range of Cabinet Configurations & Heat Rejection

  • 3 to 72 Tons … DOAS Outdoor-Air
  • DX – Air, Water, Glycol Cooled & Chilled Water Systems … Packaged or Split System
  • Down-Flow & Horizontal Air Patterns
  • Energy Recovery Wheel Options
  • Air-Side Economizers
  • Modulating Hot Gas Reheat
  • Electric, Gas Fired Hot Water or Steam Heat
  • Modulating Digital Scroll Compressors (R410a)