Outdoor Air Equipment

AboveAir OA Series Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) provide year round conditioned ventilation in compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standards 62.1 & 62.2 standards for ventilation system design and acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ). The AboveAir OA Series equipment includes the industry’s most flexible and complete line of configurations. The units are available in rooftop, indoor floor and ceiling mounted cabinets with a variety of options to meet specific project design requirements.

RT-OA™ DOAS – Rooftop Outdoor-Air (From 3 to 72-Tons)

AboveAir RT-OA™ Outdoor Air Rooftop Dedicated & High-Percentage Mixed-Air Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) are designed to provide year round treatment of your ventilation requirements. Systems are available from 440 – 18,000 CFM (3-72 Tons) in a variety of de-humidification &… View Details

Glycol Drycoolers / Pump Packages

AboveAir remote glycol drycoolers and pump packages are designed to provide the glycol source heat rejection required by single or multiple loop DX glycol cooled air conditioners and glycol source heat pumps. Indoor drycoolers, variable speed (VFD) pump packages, and… View Details