Glycol Drycoolers / Pump Packages

AboveAir remote glycol drycoolers and pump packages are designed to provide the glycol source heat rejection required by single or multiple loop DX glycol cooled air conditioners and glycol source heat pumps. Indoor drycoolers, variable speed (VFD) pump packages, and custom integrated pump packages are also available.


PumpAll™ – Glycol Pump Packages

Options include, but are not limited to, pump motor starters w/ overload protection, dual pump – manual & automatic switchover based on field installed flow switch, main power disconnect, 24 VAC drycooler & AC unit(s) interlock, pump failure dry-contact terminal, remote stop/start contact and more!

FluidCool™ – Remote Glycol Drycoolers

Options include, but are not limited to, low rpm fans, fan cycling kits, main power non-fused disconnects, expansion tanks and more!