MC™ – Vertical Floor Mounted Precision A/C’s (From 1 to 50-Tons)

AboveAir MC™ vertical floor mounted A/C’s provide reliable 7×24 indoor perimeter precision cooling solution for today’s mission critical cooling needs, such as, data centers, network closets, and equipment control rooms. Featuring the industry’s most compact 24”x24” footprint system from 1 to 3-Tons (MC2x2™), MC™ systems are also available in dx up to 30-Tons and chilled water systems up to 50-Tons. Available in a wide variety of cooling methods and cabinet configurations including a full range of options!


Wide Range of Cabinet Configurations & Heat Rejection

  • 1 to 50 Tons … Precision
  • DX – Air, Water, Glycol Cooled & Chilled Water Systems … Packaged & Split Systems
  • Water/Glycol-Side & Air-Side Economizers / Dual-Cool
  • Up-Flow & Down-Flow Air Patterns
  • EC Plenum Fans
  • Steam Canister Humidifiers (Nortec/Condair)
  • Electric, Hot Gas, Hot Water or Steam Reheat/Heat
  • Scroll Compressors (R410a) – Fixed Speed w/ Hot Gas Bypass, 2-Speed & Modulating Digital Scroll Options