Introducing MC2™ Dual DX & Chilled Water Computer Room A/C’s (6-30 Tons)

We are pleased to announce the release of our updated MC2™ Dual DX & Chilled Water Vertical Floor Mounted Computer Room A/C’s. AboveAir’s MC2™ computer room air conditioners are manufactured for mission critical 24x7x365 data center/colocation/hosting for banks, financial, healthcare, government, educational, legal, retail and wholesale institutions.

MC2™ systems include a full line-up of DX Split Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Glycol Cooled and Chilled Water Air Handling Units from 6 to 30 Tons. Free-Cooling Economizer and Dual-Cool (Alternate Water Source) coils are optional. Upflow units are available with free-front or ducted-rear return and top ducted or plenum box discharge. Downflow units are available with top free or ducted return and bottom discharge through a raised floor or lower front horizontal discharge.

Advanced microprocessor controls, energy efficient variable speed EC Fans, multi-stage dual scroll compressors (fixed speed w/ hot gas bypass, digital or 2-speed), thermal expansion valves, 24x7x365 modulating DX low ambient & water/glycol regulating valves, main power disconnects, and attractive powder-coat painted cabinets are standard.  Free-energy Hot Gas Reheat,Electric Reheat/Heat, Steam Canister Humidifier and BMS interface are optional!

The MC2™ updated vertical floor mounted series enhances AboveAir’s industry leading line-up of ceiling, vertical floor, console floor and wall mounted mission critical configuration solutions to meet your various application needs.

MC2-DX™ 6-30T Dual Scroll Vertical MissionCritical Engineering Manual

MC2-CW™ 6-30T Chilled Water Vertical MissionCritical Engineering Manual

Please contact your local AboveAir sales representative today for more information!